Residential Skylights

Maxim Skylights specializes in the manufacture of Hurricane, Impact, and Storm resistant skylights that comply with ALL wind zones and impact protocols from the Carolinas to Florida to the Texas Gulf Coast!

Maxim manufactures Residential skylights for pitched or flat roofs of any kind.

Whether shingles, roof tiles of any size or membranes for flat roofs, Maxim Skylights offers two options:

  • a Curb Mount skylight, for applications where there are existing flashed curbs
  • a Self-Flashing skylight (often referred to as “deck mount” since self-flashing skylights are installed directly on the roof deck of your home.)

With impact resistant polycarbonate domes to hurricane resistant insulated glass, Maxim has an option for your home.

Only Impact Resistant Glazings are available.

With options of polycarbonate domes and pyramid domes, 100% impact modified acrylic domes and pyramid domes, single polycarbonate dome over 16mm 5 Layer or 25mm 7 Layer cellular multi-wall polycarbonate panel, or impact resistant insulated glass with SentryGlas® are available to insure glazing options for every type project.

Dome colors available in any combination of:

  • clear
  • standard translucent white (27%vlt)
  • high light transmission translucent white (74%vlt)
  • dark bronze (25%vlt)
  • dark gray (25%vlt)
  • light gray (50%vlt)

16mm and 25mm Multiwall in clear or white and Cardinal Glass LoE366 & LoE340 coated insulated glass with many other coatings and tints also available. Unlimited glazing configurations exist so please consult with your local distributor or Maxim Skylights directly for custom glazing options.

More Glazing Options

  • Polycarbonate Double Domes
  • Polycarbonate Double Pyramid Domes: 22˚, 30˚ or 40˚ with custom pitches available.
  • 100% Impact Modified Acrylic Double Domes
  • 100% Impact Modified Acrylic Double Pyramid Domes: 22˚, 30˚ or 40˚ with custom pitches available.
  • Single Polycarbonate Dome over a 5 Layer Cellular Multiwall Polycarbonate Panel
  • Single Polycarbonate Pyramid over a 5 Layer Cellular Multiwall Polycarbonate Panel: 22˚, 30˚ or 40˚ with custom pitches available.
  • Tempered Insulated Glass
  • Tempered/Laminated Insulated Glass
  • Multiwall Cellular Polycarbonate in thickness of 16mm (5 layer) or 25mm (3 layer & 7 layer).

Dome and Pyramid colors of clear, standard translucent white, high light transmission translucent white, dark bronze, dark gray, and light gray are available in any combination.

Insulated Glass is provided by Cardinal Glass. Unlimited tints and LoE Coated options are available.

Please visit the Glazing Page for information on our suppliers and links to their websites where additional information can be found on all of our glazing options. Unlimited glazing configurations exist so please consult with your local distributor or Maxim Skylights directly for additional glazing options.

Frame finishes in mill (as the aluminum comes from the mill), clear anodized, dark bronze anodized or choose from an unlimited palette of UV enhanced powdercoat colors that make it possible to match any metal roof project or just in case you would like to add a little “color” to your skylights. Our multi step cleaning process ensures that the aluminum is perfectly cleaned prior to powdercoating and complies with the extreme salt water spray test of ASTM 2605. More about Frame Finish Options
Residential Skylight curb mountCurb Mount skylights for applications where flashed curbs are to be site built or are existing and our skylight will be sealed and anchored to the curb by the installer.



  • Standard Curb Mount – our standard frame option.
  • Thermal Break Curb Mount – Includes an additional urethane “break” in the frame to help provide additional thermal performance in colder climates.
Residential Skylight self-flashingSelf-Flashing Skylights for applications where skylights are installed directly on the roof deck of your home. These are often referred to as “deck mount”.



  • Single Wall Self Flashing – A single wall frame composed of extruded aluminum shapes. These are common for use in warmer climates and offer limited thermal resistance through the frame.
  • Thermal Break & Insulated Self Flashing – A prefinished solid wood frame comprised of a southern yellow pine (SYP) base frame with a 3/8” thick rigid pvc prefinished white interior and extruded aluminum exterior available in many finishes. Our low profile curb (3” tall) or high profile curb (5.25” tall) provide an extremely energy efficient option and are available with impact resistant domes, impact resistant pyramid domes, impact resistant dome & multiwall, or tempered & laminated insulated glass.

Please visit the Download Center to see all of our editable .pdf drawings that make choosing the right skylight easy.


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Miami-Dade County Product Control Approved Products (Approved for use in all wind zones including the HVHZ)

Polycarbonate Domes:
+40psf -75psf
NOA 20-1013.05

Impact Resistant Insulated Glass:
NOA 20-1013.04

Bomb & Blast Resistant Polycarbonate Domes & 5 Layer Polycarbonate Multiwall:
NOA 20-1201.03

2020 (7th Edition) FBC Approved Products (Impact resistant & approved for use in the HVHZ)

Polycarbonate Domes:
+/- 60psf
FBC #2418-R12

Polycarbonate Dome & Multiwall:
+/- 60psf
FBC #21896-R2

Texas Department of Insurance Windstorm Approved Products (Approved for Inland I, Inland II, and Seaward Zones)

Polycarbonate Domes:
Product Evaluation Report SK-13

Impact Resistant Insulated Glass:
Product Evaluation Report SK-18

Polycarbonate Dome & Multiwall:
Product Evaluation Report SK-56