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Only Impact Resistant Glazings are available.

With options of polycarbonate domes and pyramid domes, 100% impact modified acrylic domes and pyramid domes, single polycarbonate dome over 16mm 5 Layer or 25mm 7 Layer cellular multi-wall polycarbonate panel, or impact resistant insulated glass with SentryGlas® are available to insure glazing options for every type project.

Dome colors in

  • clear, standard translucent white (27%vlt),
  • high light transmission translucent white (74%vlt),
  • dark bronze (25%vlt),
  • dark gray (25%vlt),
  • and light gray (50%vlt)

The dome colors are available in any combination. 16mm and 25mm Multiwall in clear or white and Cardinal Glass LoE366 & LoE340 coated insulated glass with many other coatings and tints are also available. Unlimited glazing configurations exist so please consult with your local distributor or Maxim Skylights directly for custom glazing options.

More Glazing Options

  • Polycarbonate Double Domes
  • Polycarbonate Double Pyramid Domes: 22˚, 30˚ or 40˚ with custom pitches available.
  • 100% Impact Modified Acrylic Double Domes
  • 100% Impact Modified Acrylic Double Pyramid Domes: 22˚, 30˚ or 40˚ with custom pitches available.
  • Single Polycarbonate Dome over a 5 Layer Cellular Multiwall Polycarbonate Panel
  • Single Polycarbonate Pyramid over a 5 Layer Cellular Multiwall Polycarbonate Panel: 22˚, 30˚ or 40˚ with custom pitches available.
  • Tempered Insulated Glass
  • Tempered/Laminated Insulated Glass
  • Multiwall Cellular Polycarbonate in thickness of 16mm (5 layer) or 25mm (3 layer & 7 layer).

Dome and Pyramid colors of clear, standard translucent white, high light transmission translucent white, dark bronze, dark gray, and light gray are available in any combination.

Insulated Glass is provided by Cardinal Glass. Unlimited tints and LoE Coated options are available.


PalRam PalSun® Polycarbonate

Palram logo featuring their name and a shade awning

PALSUN Basic, UV, and Specialty Series flat sheet products offer a range of performance characteristics for a variety of applications. Basic Series products are suited for interior or short-term exterior applications, UV Series products offer guaranteed UV protection, and Specialty Series product offer a variety of surface coatings to achieve high-performance specifications.
PalRam PALSUN Physical Properties
PalRam PALSUN Polycarbonate Care/Maintenance
PalRam PALSUN UV Series Warranty


Covestro Makrolon UV Enhanced Polycarbonate

Unsurpassed by any clear glazing product on the market, MAKROLON polycarbonate sheet is hundreds of times stronger than plate glass and many times stronger than acrylic. This tough, long lasting material offers attractive protection in areas subject to high traffic, vandalism or burglary. It even withstands natural forces like severe wind, hail, and snow storms. In fact, MAKROLON polycarbonate sheet meets stringent state mandates for hurricane resistant glazing materials.

Prolonged exposure to the sun can weather even the most durable of surfaces. In the past, acrylic was often chosen for plastic glazing applications because of its inherent resistance to yellowing over time. But compared to polycarbonate, the relative brittleness of acrylic made its impact strength insufficient for demanding, vandal resistant applications. To meet this need, Sheffield Plastics developed MAKROLON SL polycarbonate sheet. It offers the best of both worlds–the impact protection of MAKROLON polycarbonate sheet and the UV resistance of acrylic. Utilizing advanced formulations combined with state-of-the-art extrusion technology, Sheffield Plastics has created a tough, consistent quality product that will exhibit superior performance for years to come.

Performance Warranty

The performance of MAKROLON SL polycarbonate sheet has been well documented through years of laboratory and field testing. In side-by-side comparative testing under severe conditions, MAKROLON SL polycarbonate sheet consistently outperformed competitive materials utilizing older technology. Materials were also tested in forms and bends well beyond recommended guidelines, proving that the integrity of SL, as well as its UV resistance, will not change if the sheet is bent or cold-formed. So conclusive was this testing that Sheffield offers a limited warranty against excessive yellowing, loss of light transmission, and breakage.


Makrolon® SL Sign Grade

Makrolon® SL Sign Grade polycarbonate sheet, available in sheet and reel, is an enhanced UV resistant product with exceptional weatherability and high impact strength. Available in clear and nine industry standard colors, and SL Matte. Makrolon® SL polycarbonate meets UL 879 for electrical signage. It can be easily fabricated, thermoformed, and decorated, and has a proven track record of outstanding performance in any environment. With Makrolon® SL and Makrolon SL Matte polycarbonate sign grade products, you can be confident your company image is secure.

Makrolon® UV

Makrolon® UV polycarbonate sheet is an enhanced UV-resistant sheet with exceptional weatherability and high impact strength. Available in clear as well as a variety of colors, UV is the perfect choice for architectural applications where extended service life and resistance to color shift is required. Makrolon® UV polycarbonate sheet is easily thermoformed, fabricated, and decorated. This performance is backed by a 10-year limited warranty against breakage, excessive yellowing, and loss of light transmission.

Covestro-Makrolon UV Data Sheet
Covestro-Makrolon Thermal Properties
Covestro-Makrolon SL Warranty
Covestro-Makrolon SL Data Sheet
Covestro-Makrolon Cleaning Guide
Covestro-Makrolon Chemical Resistance Guide

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Cardinal Glass

Cardinal Glass LoE Performance Statistics
Cardinal Glass Technical Glass Guide

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Gallina Multiwall

For over half a century, GALLINA has been designing and manufacturing plastic glazing products that are recognized throughout Europe for innovation, quality, and durability. Now, for the first time, GALLINA USA is offering its full line of Polycarbonate products to architects, designers, fabricators, distributors and contractors in North America. Gallina’s Policarb® and arcoPlus® product lines provide complete glazing systems for your commercial and residential daylighting needs.  Our products offer practical applications for walls, roofs, canopies, skylights and any application where light, superior performance and thermal protection are needed.  We are proud to produce our material at our state-of-the-art facility in Janesville, Wisconsin. Gallina USA is dedicated to producing the highest quality polycarbonate on the market and providing service to the industry that is second to none.

Policarb 5P-16mm RDC VLT SHGC SC U = .36
Crystal 65 68 0.78
Bronze 30 50 0.57
Opal 40 45 0.52.

Gallina IR Product Brochure
Gallina Multiwall Brochure
Gallina Multiwall Sheet Information
Gallina USA Product Properties
Gallina Warranty

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Plaskolite Impact Modified Acrylic

Plaskolite logo

DURAPLEX continuously-processed, impact-modified acrylic sheet is up to 30 times stronger than double-strength window glass and 50 times stronger than polished wire glass or other glasses, making it an excellent choice for displays, skylights, signage and replacement windows.

⦁ 100% impact modified acrylic is 10 times stronger than general purpose acrylic, approximately 20 to 30 times stronger than double strength window glass, approximately 40 to 50 times stronger than polished wire glass or other glasses.

DURAPLEX Impact Modified Acrylic Properties
DURAPLEX Impact Modified Acrylic Data Sheet

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