The Ultimate Skylight Upgrade

Maxim has designed a skylight specifically to replace the OEM formed piece of plastic on your Airstream. Using our many years of experience manufacturing hurricane, hail and impact resistant skylights, now you can travel with peace of mind knowing that your skylights are providing the ultimate protection and will not be jettisoned on the way to your destination.

These are designed using the exact methods from our Miami-Dade County and Texas Department of Insurance approved skylights, and we add a third layer of polycarbonate so you know they are up for any challenge.

With a test pressure of -150psf (over 240mph winds!) we have also considered what your Airstream will experience while traveling down the road at highway speeds. Our extruded aluminum frame will not crack or break when fastened to the roof (an issue with the OEM formed plastic where the fasteners penetrate the plastic).

Maxim has provided high performance replacement skylights for countless Airstreams.  With three layers of 1/8” thick polycarbonate providing virtually unbreakable protection and multiple tints and frame finishes, Maxim Skylights is able to meet each owner’s unique needs. Our skylight will fit over the existing flange on your roof like a shoebox lid.  Many Airstream owners have made this a successful DIY project. Take a look!