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Editable PDF drawings of all our commercial and residential skylights. PDFs may not be editable in some browsers unless you have Adobe Reader installed. iOS users may need to download the PDF in order to edit the fillable fields.

Hurricane & Impact Resistant Models
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Miami-Dade County Product Control Approved Products (Approved for use in all wind zones including the HVHZ)

Polycarbonate Domes:
+40psf -75psf
NOA 20-1013.05

Impact Resistant Insulated Glass:
NOA 20-1013.04

Bomb & Blast Resistant Polycarbonate Domes & 5 Layer Polycarbonate Multiwall:
NOA 20-1201.03

2020 (7th Edition) FBC Approved Products (Impact resistant & approved for use in the HVHZ)

Polycarbonate Domes:
+/- 60psf
FBC #2418-R12

Polycarbonate Dome & Multiwall:
+/- 60psf
FBC #21896-R2

Texas Department of Insurance Windstorm Approved Products (Approved for Inland I, Inland II, and Seaward Zones)

Polycarbonate Domes:
Product Evaluation Report SK-13

Impact Resistant Insulated Glass:
Product Evaluation Report SK-18

Polycarbonate Dome & Multiwall:
Product Evaluation Report SK-56