Glazing Options for Skylight Domes and Panel

Your Maxim skylight comes with two domes and one interior flat panel. For each of these, Maxim Skylights offers a choice of two types of glazing, translucent and transparent.  Here are the practical differences between the two types:

  • The translucent white options will provide a softer white diffused light but you will not be able to see through either white option. Translucent white will also help reduce the suns “heat gain” and help control any glare from the sun.
  • Transparent options will allow for visibility through each piece but as they are combined will reduce the visibility in some cases to almost zero visibility. The transparent options will provide more light but also will allow more “heat gain”.

Each type of glazing has a visibility light transmission (VLT) percentage. To calculate the total light light transmission of your skylight, multiply the percentages of all three layers together. (Be sure to multiply the percentages as decimals.)

Multiply Layer 1 VLT% X Layer 2 VLT% X Layer 3 VLT% = Total light transmission of your skylight

Technical drawing of the Maxim Skylight designed for AirstreamsEXAMPLE:

Layer 1 = Light Gray Outer Dome VLT 50%
Layer 2 = Light Gray Inner Dome VLT 50%
Layer 3 = Clear Innermost Flat Panel VLT 92%

50% X 50% X 92% = .50 x .50 x .92 = .23 = Total 23% VLT (visible light transmission)

Use the light transmission percentages below to combine three layers that work for you.  Remember, a higher VLT % means higher light transmission but also higher “heat gain”.  For lower heat gain, choose one or more layers with a lower VLT %.

Higher VLT% = more light and higher heat
Lower VLT % = lower light and less heat

  • White Translucent – High Light Transmission (VLT= 74%)
  • White Translucent – Low Light Transmission (VLT = 23%)
  • Clear (VLT = 92%)
  • Dark Bronze (VLT = 25%)
  • Dark Gray (VLT = 25% – N/A as outer dome)
  • Light Gray (VLT= 50%)