Filling out the Order Form:

Click here to find our “Model Airstream” product rendering and checklist. This is an editable pdf file* and we ask that you complete it by providing for each skylight:

  1. glazing choices
  2. frame finish
  3. size(s) of each skylight.

While more common sizes do exist, many models within the same year of manufacture differ in size.  Therefore, we rely completely on the dimensions provided by the customer and it is extremely important that these dimensions are accurate.

* PDFs may not be editable in some browsers unless you have Adobe Reader installed. iOS users may need to download and save the PDF in order to edit the fillable fields.

Glazing - Choosing the VLT %

The glazing is made up of three layers; two domes and an innermost flat panel. These are all permanently sealed together and using the visible light transmission % to the right of each choice will allow you to calculate the total light transmission of your skylight. The “clear”, “bronze” and “gray” options are transparent and will allow more direct light through while the “whites” are translucent and will provide a more diffused light.

To calculate the total light light transmission of your skylight, multiply the percentages of all three layers together. (Be sure to multiply the percentages as decimals.)

Multiply Layer 1 VLT% X Layer 2 VLT% X Layer 3 VLT% = Total light transmission of your skylight


Layer 1 = Light Gray Outer Dome VLT 50%
Layer 2 = Light Gray Inner Dome VLT 50%
Layer 3 = Clear Innermost Flat Panel VLT 92%

50% X 50% X 92% = .50 x .50 x .92 = .23 = Total 23% VLT (visible light transmission)

Need more info on VLT percentage calculations? See this longer VLT explanation.

Frame Finish Options

The frame finish options are

  • Mill (unfinished as it leaves the mill)
  • White Powdercoat which is an applied finish and may be subject to impact chips from road debris
  • Clear or Dark Bronze Anodized which is an electrolytic process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. Anodic films are generally much stronger and more adherent than most types of paint and metal plating, making them less likely to crack and peel.

To learn more about Frame Finishes, see our main Skylight Frame Finish page. (Note: we do not offer a color matching option at this time for Airstream Skylights.)

Measuring Guidelines

  • Provide the outermost “Outside Vertical Flange” dimension of the vertical flange on your existing roof. This vertical flange rises from your Airstream roof and is bent inward


  • Provide the “Inside Skylight Frame” dimension of our new skylight as shown on the rendering. It is important that you are comfortable with this dimension and we suggest it be a minimum ¼” larger than the outside vertical flange dimension for proper clearance/wiggle room.

Please keep in mind the new skylight will fit over this existing vertical flange like a shoebox lid.

(Pictures courtesy of Bambi_Bandit on Air Forums)

The old OEM skylight dome removed.

Example measurement

Example measurement

Full view of measurement

Maxim skylight ready to install

Maxim skylight installed

Hopefully these are helpful guidelines but if not sure it may be best to consult with a service center or RV facility. You may also consider a web search for step by step installation guidelines that are readily available from previous customers. Example: See this installation walk-through on an Airstream forum.

Form filled out and ready to order?

At any time you would like to proceed, please just send us an email and we will issue a PayPal payment request and include a copy of your sales order that indicates the details of your skylight(s). We must have the following to enter your order:

  1. Full name
  2. Shipping address
  3. Contact phone number
  4. Email address.

Upon payment and confirmation of the sales order, your order will enter into production. Lead times vary but we can confirm lead time at time of order.

Thank you and please let us know if we can help with any questions.