Filling out the Order Form

Thank you for considering Maxim Skylights for your Airstream or travel trailer. Please see the PDF Order Form link* that provides the standard sizes, glazing options and frame finishes for the square and rectangular skylights. Not all Airstreams have two skylights so please just check the appropriate box when completing the form. If you would like sizes or glazing colors other than the standards indicated, please just check the appropriate box, write in each choice and complete the form appropriately. The checklist also provides a rendering of the skylight, an Airstream roof and how the skylight will fit. Clearly indicated is the area where sealant between the skylight and “roof curb” is required and where fasteners are to be installed in each pre-positioned hole in the skylight frame. Maxim recommends OSI QuadMax sealant but there are many available and please just always use a neutral cure/Low VOC sealant. (no solvent based (acetoxy) sealants should ever be used) The fasteners should always be stainless steel and please just confirm the overall length required for your installation.

Please note, you must complete the checklist and save it to your computer and then email the saved file to

**As of May 2021, Maxim Skylights has standardized the dimensions and glazing colors of both the square and the rectangular skylights to fit your Airstream model ranging from the 1990’s to 2021. We have been providing replacement Airstream skylights for over 13 years and have a vast amount of information on sizing but by standardizing the sizes and glazing options we are able to keep lead times and manufacturing costs down. We will manufacture to any size, glazing configuration or frame finish at an additional cost of $60.00 per skylight. And as always, we are happy to discuss options with you to make sure your skylights are perfect for your application.

22.75” X 22.75”

17.75” X 26.25”


* PDFs may not be editable in some browsers unless you have Adobe Reader installed. iOS users may need to download and save the PDF in order to edit the fillable fields.

Standard Glazing Options:

Option #1 – Transparent (see through) Glazing:

       LIGHT GRAY Transparent (50% vlt) / CLEAR (92%) Polycarbonate Domes
       CLEAR (92%) Flat innermost panel (overall light transmission ≈ 42%)

Option #2 – Translucent
(cannot see through) Glazing:

       STANDARD WHITE Translucent (27% vlt) / CLEAR (92%) Polycarbonate Domes
       CLEAR (92%) Flat innermost panel (overall light transmission ≈ 23%)

Standard Frame Options:

Mill Finish or Clear Anodized

The glazing is made up of three layers: one outer dome, one inner dome and an innermost flat panel. These are all permanently sealed together The “gray/clear/clear” option is transparent and will allow more direct light, and heat through. Dark Bronze (25% vlt) and Dark Gray (25% vlt) are available as a special order. “White” is translucent and will provide a more diffused light and better heat gain protection. High light transmission white (74%vlt) is also available as a special order. And if ordering a special glazing combination just add the visible light transmission values (VLT) together to arrive at the approximate total light transmission.

The frame finish options are Mill (unfinished as it leaves the mill) or Clear Anodized which is an electrolytic process used to increase the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of metal parts. The anodized finish is much stronger and has a matte finish that will not peel, crack or chip like an applied finish. Bronze anodized is available upon request. Unfortunately, we no longer offer a powdercoat finish.

To learn more about Frame Finishes, see our main Skylight Frame Finish page. (Note: we do not offer a color matching option at this time for Airstream Skylights.)

(Pictures courtesy of Bambi_Bandit on Air Forums)

The old OEM skylight dome removed.

Example measurement

Example measurement

Full view of measurement

Maxim skylight ready to install

Maxim skylight installed

Please keep in mind the new skylight will fit over this existing vertical flange (“roof curb”) like a shoebox lid. Just apply a bead of sealant to the top of the Airstream roof curb, set the skylight on the roof curb, center the skylight over the opening, install fasteners in each prepositioned hole, and install fasteners set to the depth of the frame only. Do not overtighten, bend the frame or tighten the frame all the way to any given side. This will ensure the skylight is properly centered.

If no signature is requested, FedEx will leave your packages at your door and this is not always a good option. Maxim continues to offer direct and indirect signature services at no additional charge but please confirm signature preference at time of order. If no option is chosen Maxim will note your shipment as “No Signature Required”. At time of shipment from Maxim we will include your email in the FedExGround tracking system so you will receive tracking updates from time the label is printed to delivery at your door.

Please confirm if a signature is required upon delivery by FedEx

 At any time that you would like to proceed please just send us an email and we will issue an invoice through PayPal and include a copy of your sales order and product checklist that indicates the details of your skylight(s). We must have the following to enter your order:

  • Full name
  • Shipping address
  • Contact phone number
  • Email address
  • FedEx Signature option
  • Year/Model of Airstream

 Upon payment your sales order will enter production. By paying us you will agree that all the information is accurate. Lead times vary but we will confirm lead time at time of every order.

For sizes other than the standard noted above, please see below for measuring options:

  1. Provide the outermost “Outside Vertical Flange” dimension of the vertical flange on your existing roof. This vertical flange rises from your Airstream roof and is bent inward but please provide the outer vertical dimension.


  1. Provide the “Inside Skylight Frame” dimension of our new skylight as shown on the rendering. It is important that you are comfortable with this dimension and we suggest it be a minimum ¼” larger than the outside vertical flange dimension for proper clearance/wiggle room.

 Thank you and please email us at if we can help or with any questions.