Airstream Skylights

The Ultimate Skylight Upgrade

Maxim has designed a special skylight frame to replace the OEM formed piece of plastic on your Airstream. Using our many years of experience manufacturing hurricane, hail and impact resistant skylights, now you can travel with your mind at ease knowing that your skylights are providing the ultimate protection and will not be jettisoned on the way to your destination. Our skylights are Miami-Dade County and Texas Department of Insurance approved so you know they are up for any challenge.

Maxim has provided high performance replacement skylights for countless Airstream© trailers.  With three layers of 1/8” thick polycarbonate providing virtually unbreakable protection and multiple tints and frame finishes, Maxim Skylights is able to meet each owner’s unique needs. The new skylight fits over the existing flange on your roof like a shoebox lid and we are happy to walk you through the process to make this an easy DIY project. Take a look!

Glazing tints:

  • Dark Bronze
  • Dark Gray
  • Light Gray
  • White Translucent; High Light Transmission
  • White Translucent; Medium Light Transmission
  • White Translucent; Low Light Transmission
  • Clear


Frame finishes are available in:

  • White Powdercoat
  • Unfinished/ Untreated Mill Aluminum
  • Clear Anodized
  • Dark Bronze Anodized
  • Custom Color Powdercoat


To request a quote or get your custom Airstream Skylight order started just follow two easy steps:

1. Complete the editable product checklist
>> Note: If you want to fill out the form digitally, you will need to view it with Adobe Reader.

2. Email the form to:

**If you can’t see the email link above, email info (at) maximskylights dot com.

It’s that easy! Once we receive your completed form, we will respond with a quote. Or just give us a call and we can walk you through the process.